Chrysler ES


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General info

No. of doors: 3

Carbody: hatchback

Gearbox: manual, 5 gears

Wheel drive: front wheel drive

Gas type: petrol

Release date: 1988

End date: 1991


Avg. consumption: 9.8 l, 0.13 €/km

Top speed: 163 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 11.90 s

Turning circle: 10.30 m


Cylinders: r4

Engine type: OHC

Fuel system: mono-injection

Valves per cylinder: 2

Capacity: 2501 cm3, 2.5 l

Length of piston stroke: 104.00 mm

Cilynder diameter: 87.50 mm

Compression: 9.00:1

Max. power: 71 kW, (97 hp)

Max power RPM: 4400 rpm

Max torque: 183 Nm

Max torque RPM: 2800 rpm

Turbo: no

Additional information

Length: 4360 mm

Width: 1710 mm

Height: 1340 mm

Wheelbase: 2460 mm

Tire size: 205/50R15

Fuel tank: 53 l

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